Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Day 65 of 365: Doubt God?

 “Is it wrong that I doubt God?” This was the question of asked of me this evening. It was a question from someone newer to the faith but legitimately was wondering if it is okay to doubt God. What brought this person to ask this question was the fact that they do not work, has no home and is somewhat depressed. 

Whenever a person asks me these kinds of questions, I usually respond out of a heart of compassion and this case was no different. One could look at this situation and tell the person all kinds of things but really what needs to happen is to help them understand that we place a lot of troubles onto ourselves. As the old church would say “we give the devil to much credit for things we do to ourself.”

The fact is that we blame God (or the Devil) for a lot of things that do or do not happen in our life. For someone that has no money, housing, etc. I suppose the illogical step to take would be to blame God. The logical thing to do though (if physically capable) is to get a job. I am quite confident anyone needing employment these days could get hired the very same day. I have come to notice (and lived it) that if the job/money isn’t there then many MANY other things fall into place that will stress a person out BIG TIME.

God has given us all the ability to take care of ourselves. Sure there will be the times circumstances are simply out of our control but that is where he will step in. The next time we blame God for neglecting us…let’s take a step back and simply ask “am I helping myself by using the God given abilities he has given me?” 

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