Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Day 54 of 365: Taking Opportunities

I am a firm believer that when opportunities come your way…take them! This has been my modus operandi since I got my first job at Mayfair Mall in 1990. Whenever my higher up would ask if I would be interested in helping with something, I would always say yes. This was true with most of the jobs I have worked. Even in ministry I have seen God’s favor when I say yes to a door has opened for me. 

Yesterday, I saw this happen once again in regards to a hobby I enjoy; that being photography. A friend from the church tagged me in a Facebook post for one of the nations largest old car shows. They were looking for photographers for this event and so I threw my name into the hat. The first email I received back was a general response saying “thank you for your interest, we will keep you in mind.” Quickly thereafter an actual person emailed me saying “Bob! I have seen and know your work. Welcome to the team.” That was a very welcome email during a time to be honest has been kind of blah. It was as if God knew I needed that little bit of encouragement. This is not a paying gig...well I take that back. They will donate to a charity of your choice which for me is a no brainer. 

Sometimes when we take opportunities afforded to us it could turn into something bigger and better. I have seen that over and over again in the jobs I have had. Other times, I have seen great opportunities come my way like this Iola car show and all it seemed to be was a little encouragement to God. Something to pick up a persons spirits to get them through to the next day. Regardless though, I am thankful for it all. 

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