Saturday, February 20, 2021

Day 51 of 365: Cigars


Do you know what the difference is between a $10.00 cigar and a $50.00 one? I asked a cigar shop owner this very question and the response I received was intriguing. He said, “there is no difference really. The fact that you paid $50.00 for one however means that that cigar demands your attention.” He went on to tell me how when you slow down to enjoy something you will notice all the little details of it. 

This got me thinking quite a bit lately which is really good because this question was asked almost 8 years ago. There is a saying in the Zen religion that goes like this “When you drink tea…drink tea.” Both of these sayings are reminders of how much we ought to live in the moment. That we would do well to live each day as though it matters. 

James chapter 4 verse 14 says “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Isn’t it funny how the Bible, Zen and cigar theology all point to the need to slow down and not worry about tomorrow? Yet, we don’t. 

Let me just say that if self-help books really helped then we would be living our best lives. We get so wrapped up into the next day or that next thing on the schedule that we really find ourselves not enjoying the here and now. Some people have a hard time sitting down and doing nothing. It’s as if they almost feel guilty for doing that. It's not okay. 

So many times us as Christians are living chaotic lives that even in our downtime we are thinking of the next thing to do. How about we live a little. If you have kids take them sledding or some other activity. Do something for yourself like read a book, take up a hobby or find some time to nap. We will find that our lives will be happier if we live in the now verses always worrying about the next thing. 

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