Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Day 46 of 365: Jesus Lingo

In Christianity we can say some pretty goofy things. I have, you have….we are all guilty of it. My biggest pet peeve Christianese saying though has to be when missionaries say “We are going to take God to…..”. I realize what they are saying but the fact is God is already there. It doesn’t matter if it is Sudan, Manila or the inner city of Chicago. A missionary is not going to be taking God anywhere. He is already there. 

Yesterday a local church posted a video in an attempt to get their congregants back into church. Let me clarify that I understand the desperation in wanting to see this happen. We have been on again, off again with meeting in person more times than I care to mention. People have become conditioned to the virtual church thing and it shows with in person attendance. 

In this video though one of the workers from the church said “Jesus is looking for you.” I have to admit this gave me the ebgbs because I knew what this person was saying but once again…Jesus has found you. It is very reminiscent of when God was looking for Adam in the book of Genesis. He asked Adam “Where are you?” He knew…it was more of an inner question however. 

I have learned a long time ago to leave these catchy little phrases alone. The heartbeat of God in the New Testament is the local church. I am convinced of that. There is a lot of joy when any church can have all of it’s congregants there. Fact is the church suffers greatly in volunteers, fellowship, tithes, social events, etc. when there are so many missing. I just think instead of saying “Jesus is looking for you” it would be better to just say “we really miss you”. Jesus has found us…nuff said.

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