Friday, February 12, 2021

Day 42 of 365: 25 Years in Full Time Ministry


While kicking back this evening and scrolling through memories on Facebook, I was reminded that 25 years ago today I entered into full time ministry as a pastor. It’s funny how that seemed so long ago. Those were good days when I first took the position. Never once in ministry as a pastor did I apply to be on staff. The way I became a youth pastor was through a Christian skate night that I would DJ every Friday night. The pastor from Bay View A/G brought his group up to skate. My youth pastor and this guy spoke and eventually I was asked if I would like a youth pastor position. 

After staying at that church for 8 years, I decided to resign and move along thanks in part to the advice of a friend in the district office of the Assemblies of God. Even though this past August we celebrated 15 years at Radiant Fellowship, the fact is that I have been there for 17 years. I choose not to keep that first segment as youth pastor in my memory. It was an awful time for me and my wife. 

Anyway, here’s to another 25 years in ministry! I think I am going to celebrate tomorrow by stopping at Kwik Trip for a rice crispie square. 

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