Monday, February 1, 2021

Day 31 of 365: A Sunday Morning

If there is one thing I dislike very much on any given Sunday is to feel rushed before church. Confession time…even though I have pastored Radiant Fellowship for over 15 years there is not a week that goes by where I do not feel some sense of nervousness. Perhaps it is PTSD from the early days where I stood by the door hoping and praying that people would attend after all the garbage this little church went through shortly after it’s public launch. I think it is just good old nervousness however. 

My Sunday morning begins at 6:15 (keep in mind church starts at 10:00). By time I am cleaned up and have breakfast it is 7:00 which is the time I like to be at church. There are a few reasons why I like to be to church that early. The first is that our worship team is lead by a great group of volunteers. From the leader to the instrumentalists, I am so appreciative of all that they do. I really don’t care to ask for anything extra of them so I make sure the lights are on, sound system is going and that Pro Presenter is all set. I usually setup Pro Presenter on Friday mornings mind you along with loading in my sermon presentation.

Along with turning everything on, I also try to make the first two pots of coffee for the worship team or whoever rolls in as we get closer to church time. I make sure the bathroom lights are turned on and that the heat is going. This is a real concern up here in da nort woods. 

Once all of those things have been done, I enjoy some quiet time in my office where I spend time looking over my sermon, praying and more. Nothing is more irritating to me than to roll in late. Forty five minutes to a half hour before service starts you will find me walking around the church or lobby chatting, laughing and welcoming people. 

When you have been a part of a church this long and have seen so much. One begins to realize that yes ministry happens once the music/message but even more ministry happens before and after service through conversation and praying for one another. 

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