Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Day 19 of 365: Home Office


One of the great joys of having an office at home is having your office at home. You don’t have to go anywhere. In my case all I have to do is go downstairs and step into my office. It has everything I need. A computer, bookshelf, MANY outlets, printer, wifi, etc.

One of the toughest things about having an office at home is having an office at home. You constantly hear kids and though you have a door, it does not keep all the noise out but in my opinion the pros certainly outweigh the cons. On the rare occasion the cat will sit in the doorway...stare at me and plot my death. 

The toughest thing I had to navigate with having an office at home is keeping to a schedule. It is very easy to go in late because the showcase showdown is in full swing on the Price Is Right. Before kids it was super easy to sleep in and get off course only to cram everything in at the end of the week. 

For those that have offices at home the best thing I could have done for myself is to start and stick to a daily schedule. Not one where you keep it locked into your head but rather one that is posted to the bulletin board INSIDE your office. This keeps a person on track so that you are not left scrambling at certain times. 

This is what my schedule looks like. Now keep in mind at any given point something could come up and you are taken in a different direction. It helps though to have something in place to keep you on task. 


- Data entry

- Sermon rough draft


- Tech Day

- E-Newsletter

- Online Church Update

- Radio Show

- Post Podcasts


- Breakfast

- Royal Rangers


- Sermon Prep

- Pastoral Care

     - Setup Church Computer

     - Post songs

Take it from someone who has had his office in his home since May of 2004. A schedule is very important and within no time you will be feeling more productive than ever. 

I realize this blog is nothing heavy but for those of you that work from home…I am probably getting many AMENS!

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