Sunday, January 17, 2021

Day 16 of 365: Becoming Like...

One of the statements that frustrates me living in Waupaca is “we are becoming like Milwaukee”. This is a phrase that is occasionally used in my city when some crime happens; mainly drug busts. 

I will admit that I get where the town folk are coming from when they make a statement like that but in reality…no…it’s….not. Milwaukee is my hometown and after spending 30 years in that area to hear someone make a statement like that really shows me that perhaps they have a small world view. Sure our little city has pockets of problem but in Milwaukee most nights there is a homicide. There are always stolen cars and other kinds of crime. The comparison is really quite different. 

This got me thinking a bit about another statement I hear regarding the political climate here in the United States. It’s safe to say the presidential race did not go the way many were hoping. I will not get into a talk about many of the things that went on but one statement that drives me nuts is when a person says “we have become China”. This statement mainly stems from the “censoring” that is happening on social network platforms.  

Let’s think about that statement for a minute. Us in America do not know the first thing about persecution. There is no under ground church here because we are free to worship. In red China the communist party reigns supreme. So many other stark contrasts can be made regarding this statement. It is mind boggling. 

I think the better approach is to say we will be praying for our country. Actually, I am working on finding a friend from China that I will be doing a video interview with in the not so distant future to discuss that very phrase. I personally am kind of tired of doom and gloom Christians. More on that in another blog. 

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