Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Day 12 of 365: Activator!


As I mentioned in my previous blog, a few years ago I took the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment and found my number one strength is “activator”. According to this result an activator can make things happen by turning thoughts into action. They want to do things now, rather than simply talk about them. This sums me up in a nutshell. 

The reason I bring this up is that it is good to discover things about yourself. It’s funny how a 5 Love Languages or other assessments can reveal stuff about you that might not have known. 

Regarding being an activator it comes with it both good and bad things. The good is that you can get things going in relatively short order. The bad thing however is that you might find yourself in over your head at times.

Each strength that a person has comes with it a pro and con but that is how God made us and that is what makes the body of Christ so unique. I encourage you to find what your strengths are and then use them. You might be surprised what God will reveal. 

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