Wednesday, January 6, 2021

COVID Chronicles Quarantine Day 8 of 10


It is day 8 of 10 and I can honestly say the only lingering effect of COVID (knock on wood) is fatigue. More fatigue than what a normal parent of three kids deals with. Still it has been good to get outside and walk around a little bit. 

With Tracy and I both working from home we have made a nice plan. I go into the office during the morning and then after lunch when Noah goes down for a nap, she goes into the office. Granted both of us will reply to emails, phone calls, etc. throughout the day whether we are in the office or not. 

Unfortunately our suspicions were correct when Tracy got the phone call this morning that James, Emma and Noah all tested positive for COVID. This can be bad simply because it is COVID and the kids have had fevers and blahs at times. It can be good though as it pertains to recovery or rather quarantine time. Now knowing that they have it, they will have to quarantine until January 14th. Had they not gotten COVID the quarantine time would start on the last day of Tracy and my final day. Does that make sense? 

So, prayers appreciated for the three kids. I will say that going through this has stunk but what is more concerning is what lingering effects there could be. I don’t feel like that gets talked about enough in the news and it is a real concern. 

Tomorrow I look forward to going for a long walk. Hoping to fill all three circles on the Apple Watch within the fitness app. It feels good to get the lungs pumping after one is cooped up in the house so long. Should you see me melting away the ice cream calories feel free to honk or wave but stay away….THE RONA IS REAL!

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