Tuesday, January 5, 2021

COVID Chronicles Quarantine Day 7 of 10


It is day 7 of 10 into the quarantine and I can officially say I am going stir crazy. So much so that I completely dusted my office this evening and re-ran some wires to clear up the mess. As for me, I am feeling pretty good. I get tired really easy but if that is the only residual effect I have from this fungus amongus then I am doing pretty well. I may or may not have lost my sense of smell and taste like my wife but I would never know. At the end of the month when I go in for sinus surgery, I will know the end result of that. Every once in awhile I will go for a drive somewhere or take a walk which is nice as well. 

Today however was a bit rough on James. I honestly thought he was not going to get sick but today he was up to a 101.2 degree fever. We still don’t know if the kids have COVID or not as we await the results but as they say “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….”. After doing his virtual school he took it easy for the rest of the night. 

Tracy, Noah and Emma are hanging in there but tire out rather quickly. The key through all of this however is to not just lay around all day. Every so often be sure to get up and do something. I realize you cannot go to a store or anything like that but a simple walk around the house, down the street or a ride in the car does wonders to make you feel somewhat human. I am no medical expert but it also helps to keep the lungs clear as well. 

That’s about all there is to report today from the Adams abode. Your prayers, messages and phone calls are so appreciated. It helps each day go by a bit quicker. 

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