Monday, January 4, 2021

COVID Chronicles Quarantine Day 6 of 10


Day 6 in the RONAsphere and it has been interesting. I have seen a few posts today that said “How many people do you know actually have COVID or passed away from it?”. Now I know COVID is something only Democrats get (note sarcasm) but I have to tell you….it’s real. 

Sadly I have known many people that got COVID and even worse I know quite a few that have passed away from it as well. A fellow pastor within the fellowship, I am credentialed with recently passed away from it. 

Yesterday, little Noah and Emma became symptomatic and so this morning we were off to Green Bay to get all three kids tested. We are awaiting results but when kids are basically around their parents all of the time and doing virtual school, it is safe to say they probably got it. Nothing would thrill me more than to be wrong however. 

Tracy has officially lost her sense of smell and taste. This does not bod well with her at all. It is quite frustrating. Despite all of that though and a few hours in the car since the testing was in Green Bay, we continue to improve.

Thanks again to everyone that has kept us in prayer and dropped off random vittles at the house. It has been such a blessing. Onward to an even better tomorrow. 

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