Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Beware Small Business Owners

There is a small business trend that I see happening over and over again within the faith community. It is one that is not just isolated to the city I live in but happens all over. It’s a disturbing trend that truly makes me feel sorry for the business owner that experiences this. Let me share how it goes. 

  1. Person attends church. 
  2. Person meets with pastor to process decision to start new business. 
  3. A few meetings happen because they appreciate the input, guidance and prayer. 
  4. Person announces new business and builds customer base.
  5. Person gives faithfully to church/God. 
  6. Business begins to take off and church attendance begins to wane. 
  7. Business is doing really well and church attendance takes back seat along with giving.
  8. Business begins to struggle…owner left wondering why. 
  9. Person begins to come back to church or moves to another church to build more of a customer base and the cycle starts over.

Side-note: Regarding #9…Radiant Fellowship has been used over and over again by new business owners. They start a business…build a customer base and eventually settle in at a larger church. Not to many pastors would be wiling to talk about this but believe me behind close doors pastors recognize it. 

Looking at this list I realize it may sting a little to read. However, I guess the question I have is if A+B=C then why would anyone remove part of that equation? The successful business owners I have seen are the ones who keep all parts of the equation in tact. They know that God honors a cheerful giver and so they keep that up. This owner knows that their life may be very busy but it is important to be at church as much as possible to be fed spiritually. Let’s face it when you are a business owner you give of yourself all week. You must take time for yourself to be fed. The successful business owner also understands that though their only day to rest is Sunday…they make it a point to be at church for the sake of their own well being and their kids if that applies. One must be fed if they are going to feed.

After being a pastor for 24 years, 15 of which have been as a lead pastor, I can tell you first hand those who “honor God with their first fruits” (Proverbs 3:9) and wake up on a Sunday morning saying “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1) are the ones who experience God’s ongoing blessing. It’s a simple business equation really….honor God and he will honor you. Hold back and well….you get it. 

I am not going to continue down a theological path with this blog. If you are a business owner and question this blog simply look at where you are at. If you are experiencing ongoing blessings, I bet you have kept all parts of the equation. On the other hand if family life is strained, business is struggling, you are constantly fighting to make it, etc. I am willing to bet a part of that simple equation has been removed. 

There is no doubt I am jazzed with knowing entrepreneurs. I love their pioneering spirit and I love when they are following God’s direction while chasing their dream. I do care enough though to send a reminder of how to stay on track. 

Please read: Some business owners may read this blog and wonder what authority a pastor has to speak on such a subject. They have a bunch of authority. There is a business side to all churches and if a pastor does not maintain a business mind alongside a pastoral attitude the church could fall apart quickly.