Sunday, September 2, 2018

Not Ready For Summer to End!

Summer…another one has come and gone. I used to think older people were crazy when they would say the years would go by quicker as you get older. You know what though? They were right.

Since kids have come along I reflect back on each summer to see if it was good. Did we have good bonding times as a family while making memories? This is where social networking can be a beautiful thing. It can either remind you of all the good times you had or it can remind you of the lack of things you have done. 

I can honestly say looking back at this summer that Tracy and I gave our kids a great one. It’s a misnomer to think that one must go hours away in order to have a “vacation”. I use quotes there because I have seen some families go to Disney World only to come back and wish they had gone camping instead. The fact is a vacation or outing can look different for each family. In my kids world a night at the hotel with a waterpark is just as exciting as taking a massive road trip. For some couples a nice meal out would entail a restaurant where the bill would come to $80.00. Tracy and I reach our spending brink when we take in a meal from the Texas Roadhouse. We simply do not see the value in spending a lot on food. We would rather spend that at Barnes and Noble on a date night. Not saying one way is wrong but it is all a matter of perception. 

Since June I have coached softball and soccer with my kids in both. Tracy and I were able to get away to Ambergris Caye, Belize once again for our anniversary trip. While biking, Noah and I found a free Little Tikes slide which he has used almost daily. It always brings a smile to his face. My family was able to go on several camping trips which we all really enjoy. A couple of the trips included a ride to my in-laws camper in Phillips, WI. There was go-karting, mini-golf, Brewers game, the joy of building an old school bike with my daughter, visiting friends at their campsite, multiple bike rides with me pulling Noah in the trailer while the other two followed behind, sports tournaments, fishing and so many church activities as well. I can honestly say, I have no regrets about this summer. My kids favorite thing this summer? We will just keep that an Adams secret.

Of course there were some let downs but that is just natural to have those times. Those moments that are out of your control. Perhaps I am feeling reflective because July 10th changed my life and I can say I have not been the same. With Noah by my side we walked into my neurologists office not knowing what he would tell me since the day before they called me with a sense of urgency. The appointment was not the best. The fact that I survived a brain hemorrhage was good news but to know I am living with two brain aneurysms is a tough pill to swallow. Nevertheless, I keep going and know God has it under control. I feel that that doctor’s appointment robbed me of my summer. I think about my health daily and, to be honest, if I let my mind wander I can get into quite a slump. I know God has equipped me to overcome it but sometimes it is just hard. I will stay positive though and walk in the knowledge that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Perhaps this is what finally stirred me to write a book about overcoming obstacles. I have entitled my work "Even If...". In that process I have found humor knowing that my "GoFundMe" campaign has basically fell flat on it's face. I will continue with the project though "Even If...." it is not funded.

So, I guess all of that to say I am not ready for my kids to go back to school. It went very quick but I remain confident they/we had a very fun summer. We made many memories, had plenty of laughs and though not all is perfect and I had some parenting fails, I am so thankful for my beautiful wife and kids. 

Onto the next chapter of life that is James in middle school, Emma starting in a new charter school while Noah is going to learn how to use the potty.

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