Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Help Me Understand Something

Help me understand something. You do not have to look around very long to find groups of women that want equal rights. If you look around a little more you will find individual women that want equal rights as well. At any given time a group of moms will be fighting for the right to breast feed in public. There are so many women out there that are tough, it shows in the sports they participate in. From basketball to roller-derby it is safe to say there are some tough women around us. If you look back in history there has been hurdle after hurdle that women have had to jump. For a great detailed list I would suggest going to http://www.infoplease.com/spot/womenstimeline1.html/. Let me clarify that I whole heartedly support women and their endeavors. We ought to be equal but please help me understand!
Undoubtedly you are wondering what exactly am I talking about? The issue at hand that I have been wondering about and am now letting ride in a blog is simply this. Why would a lady ever consider being a part of a church where they are required to dress or look a certain way? Why would any woman even consider going to a church where they are not allowed to preach, teach or serve on a board? This simply boggles my mind. Some of the strongest women I know will attend a church where they are “whipped into submission.” This simply does not make sense to me and reeks of the teen years when girls would date a guy that treated them like garbage and yet “I just love him.” All the rational thinkers are left scratching their head asking the simple question “why?” 
According to CBE International, they put together a list of denominations that do not affirm women. Here is that list.
Evangelical Free Church of America
Evangelical Mennonite Conference
Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches
Mennonite Brethren Churches
Anglican Catholic Church
Anglican Province of Christ the King
Christian Episcopal Church
Southern Episcopal Church
United Episcopal Church
American Baptist Association
Primitive Baptists
Apostolic Lutheran Church of America
Church of the Lutheran Confession
Concordia Lutheran Conference
Evangelical Community Church-Lutheran
Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Lutheran Ministerium and Synod
Great Commission Association
Church of God Mountain Assembly
Pentecostal Church of God
Apostolic Christian Church of America
Christian & Missionary Alliance
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
Bible Presbyterian Church
Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church in America
Presbyterian Reformed Church
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
Now I must admit this seems very forgein to me as a kid raised in the Assemblies of God. It is a denomination that affirms women. Some of the best messages I have heard preached/teached came from women. I cannot imagine life any other way. 
Oh, I suppose we could go on a rant about the apostle Paul telling women to be quiet in church but there is no basis for that. It was a passage of scripture strictly for a cultural moment in time. 
So...onward we go in a world filled with paradoxes. Many thoughts I try to wrap my head around. If it ends up I cannot, then I move on. This one though I simply cannot let go. In a world filled with women that perhaps more so than at any point in history have a strong will, drive, personality (all of which are not a bad thing) I am left wondering...why would any of them subject themselves to a denomination that would either quiet them or not allow them to lead?
If you look at this list and simply do not believe it, I would simply ask you to consider this question. When is the last time you saw a female board member at your church? Why haven’t you heard any good teaching/preaching from the pulpit on a Sunday morning from a lady? You have to ask because this issue is not usually advertised within the denomination. This kind of issue is usually revealed when one of you women are “out of line” and try to “lead” in some kind of capacity. 
I think T.D. Jakes said it well when he wrote the book, “WOMAN THOU ARE LOOSED!” The Bible is the best book to go to and realize...wow...God used women ALL THE TIME.


  1. Add Independent Fundamental Baptist to that list. Their women are not allowed to lead anything other than the nursery, or Sunday School classes taught to small children or girls. Sometimes the pastor's wives can speak to younger women at a ladies conference. They even tell the women to not speak in a group of couples, 'let the men lead the conversation'. Yet Junia was a female apostle, Priscilla 'taught the way of Christ more perfectly', Prophetess Anna proclaimed the babe was Emmanuel, and Peter confirmed Joel's prophecy had manifested at Pentecost, "your sons and DAUGHTERS shall prophesy" Nonetheless, so there are churches that don't affirm women...so don't go there. :) Find a place that does affirm them.

  2. This kind of issue is usually revealed when one of you women are “out of line” and try to “lead” in some kind of capacity.

    Uhhhhhh yep. All I have to say is, "Their LOSS"
    Thanks for the Word to the Women~

  3. The reason some women put up with it...ah, they are numerous. Add Southern Baptist Convention to the list. One main reason is fear. Fear of being "uppity" or of being "unbiblical" or of being "unsubmissive" or of usurping the man's "role." Or of being...gasp...a "feminist." I was, for a long time, afraid to be who I really was. Peer pressure is powerful. My dad never acknowledged one time that his daugher was a preacher...so sad.