Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Christian Radio...Why I don't Listen

So let me set the scene. You are sitting back enjoying a quiet evening reading after a normally long day. Not a bad day...just a long one. You decide to check your Facebook one more time for the night and one of your friends informs you "hey someone is talking about you". Let me clarify that I truly am grateful that I found out from a friend. I begin to check my emails and nothing. There is no message from anyone. Facebook? No private messages. Out of curiosity I check the church web page stats along with www.thatsnotmygod.com and churchatthepub.com. The stats are off the chart with how many hits we are getting. I begin to click on the referring links and find out I am receiving hits from negative press. I do believe that even bad publicity is publicity none the less. However it tends to take a bit of the wind out of your sails when it is coming from two prominent “Christian” radio stations in Wisconsin. 
I fully understand the fact that when you go public with a ministry and do not stay confined simply to what happens within a church one can expect to get some critiquing. This I am okay with. However it is saddening when ministries/churches base their messages around critiquing and putting down other ones. Look at the archives of some of these churches and radio shows. They wouldn't have a message if it wasn't for talking ill about other ministries. This simply tells me that they do not have much of a ministry at all and the only way to look good is by putting down other ones. Now, I will not list these two radio stations simply because I do not want to give them a single ounce of publicity. However, it is quite hurtful when a church or pastor is doing some cool things that God has placed on their heart only to have someone come along and call them out by name. This happened to me with a chur....no I won’t call it a church....meeting in Milwaukee where this (not pastor) leader called me out as well. In the secular world they call this “compensating” for something they are lacking. In the church world I refer to it as Rob Bell does...“steeple envy”. Many ministries are guilty of pointing something out once in awhile. This does not mean it is okay. I have always strived NEVER to mention other people by name simply because...THEY ARE PEOPLE. These radio stations really have an axe to grind with "Church at the Pub" and some of the message series I have done namely "Welcome to My Nightmare" and "An Outcast Christmas." 
Yes I ought to get over it blah blah blah. I get that. This morning I even made two phone calls to talk to these talk show hosts one on one. This proved to be futile. I did this as to be biblical and confront the one I have issue with. No doubt some reading this will say “get over it man.” I would only ask that you consider what would happen if someone heard about the job you were doing only to find out you are being called out BY NAME on a radio show about how awful you are. Not only on two radio shows but on their Facebook page as well. 
So...there you have it. Yes, I will get over it. This will not be the last time this happens but I am not sure I will ever get used to it. You get hit by a hammer once it hurts. You get hit by it ten more times...guess what? It still hurts. Christian radio to me has a few good things going for it. Overall though...yeah...I have not listened to them it a long long time. For this I am grateful.


  1. Do you need a worship pastor? I would love to meet you and talk about this.

  2. Thanks, Dorcas I appreciate it.

    Fingerstyle...we already have a great worship leader but appreciate the offer.

  3. I certainly am not going to say "get over it man"... For TOO long, people have used power to belittle and keep out anything that doesn't suit them or fit into their idea of what a Christian is. As if it's up to THEM to decide. Last I heard, Jesus was the one who knows those who are His!
    I just heard Tony Campolo talk about the difference between "power" and "authority"... these type of folk want power. They will reap the fruit of their actions.
    I have been a part of your church for awhile now and I have never heard you refer to a Pastor or church by name from your pulpit. Only to the things that don't seem loving. You are not one to hide the truth but to bring it out in the light so that EVERY ONE can talk about it.
    Hang in there!! They didn't like Jesus either!

  4. They pursue you like rabid wolves Bob but you don't stand alone. You are an honorable pastor. I am sorry you were hurt once again. ~ Carol Mokry

  5. Bob; as you said they just envy the the walk you havr with with our FATHER. sometime they wil grow to learn. non the less I do have the Axe and Iknow how to grind it

  6. That is very unfortunate. Well, I hope those critics see my comment... after being a victim of some abusive ministries, it took A LOT for me to even want to call myself a Christian. It is people like Bob, Chris, Monica, and Mike from Radiant, that I have stayed in the Christian community as long as I have after the abuse. Just because their ministry doesn't look like all the other cookie cutter ministries doesn't mean it's bad, evil, of the devil etc etc etc. They are meeting people where they are, in their brokenness, listening and loving these people. Just..like...Jesus did!

  7. Humph, well I'm not listening to Wisconsin "Christian" radio anymore. That's straight up crap & I'm sorry you get the low end of small minded people Pastor Bob! I'm proud to have you as my pastor. You keep it real & true, they should learn from you.

  8. Wow. SO hard to hear after all of the compassion and kindness I have seen you give to others. Looks like small minds that can't handle big ideas from a big heart.

  9. Hey Bob...keep doing what you're doing. You are a loving and kind person of honor and integrity. I LOVE that you have the Pub ministry. It is a great way to meet people right where they are and to love them right where they are, but to also bring the truth of God's word to them and plant those seeds of truth that we are taught to plant in the Bible.
    I'm so sorry you've been hurt by people who should really be cheering you on! Like I said.....Keep doing what you're doing! You are impacting lives in a very profound way. Love you dude!