Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr./Mrs. Anonymous

Over the weekend I had a classic thing happen to me. This is something that bloggers deal with often…THE ANONYMOUS COMMENT! I have to tell you that if you do blog and it is truly your opinion and not some vanilla blog…you will get these. Here is what one person wrote to me regarding my blog, “Day 92: Rick Warren and Funguses in the Church.”

“I find it humorous that a pastor would be so unloving as to mock people who say something opposite to what he believes. I would be running far from you, buddy. Yep, just saw this and yep, not posting my name after I see what you and your followers do to people who suggest you may be wrong.”

I responded to this persons comment by saying it is quite “cowardly” to post such a comment and sign your name. Here was this person’s response.

“Hmm, insults mixed with blessings. And I'm not the classy one. Riiiight. Cowardess? No. Protecting myself and those I love from people I feel total unlove and disrespect from.”

Now to the seasoned blogger you can almost say who certain ones are that leave comments. This is no different from what a pastor will get now and again. Pastors get the plain white envelope on occasion with no return address label on them. I can usually tell it is going to be bad letter if it comes like that.

As badly as I would like to engage people like that and completely pummel them on an intellectual level I realize very quickly it would do no good. I am reminded of the quote by Mark Twain, “"Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." Now I know this may not be the “Christlike” answer to this situation so….Proverbs 26:4(NIV) “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.”

If you are a blogger or pastor and reading this and can relate…the best advice I can give you is simply write that person off. It is one thing to have a name and maybe try and talk things out but if they are going to post something with no name…it is not worth your time. It is not worth your stress and it should not stop you in being who you are. These comments won’t stop me in being who I am because it is amazing how many people get blessed by these blogs. You probably have or will discover how blessed people will be by your writings/teachings as well if you simply remain yourself.


  1. I can definitely relate to this. I had an "ANONYMOUS" commenter as well. From what I read, it sounds like the exact same person may have written the comment on my blog.

    You are correct in not feeding into these comments, yet at times we can get in the flesh as I just did before I read this post. ( Not with the ANONYMOUS commenter, someone else).

    Normally, I would walk away and not engage every single negative comment, but I allowed this particular person to really get to me. I should have blocked them to avoid the drama, but I actually honestly enjoyed 'giving them a piece of my mind'. ( I mean I am being honest)

    I actually believe this person may have just deserved it, perhaps I am wrong and this is the flesh speaking.

    Either way, I do not plan to allow a few ugly comments to sway me, if anything I am fueled by the negative comments and persecutions to speak even louder.


  2. I used to blog with with a liberated Christian perspective, my views are probably 'unchristian' in the minds of a lot of 'church people'.

    While blogging I found it incredible just how 'righteous' people claim to be when they can be anonymous. But if ask them to step out from behind the curtain, and make their case in an equal time format, while putting their personal reputation on the line; all of sudden I was left alone in the room.

    I know those sorts of comments can sometimes just get your goat. I like your use of Proverbs 26:4. I often reminded myself of not throwing pearls before swine. (Matt 7:6)


  3. So glad I'm one of your followers!! (of your blog that is!) LOL

    Thank you for being you and giving others the courage to speak what they think and not allow others to tear them down and bully them just for thinking outside the box a little. It's really the truth that cowards will not sign their name or even attempt to TALK with you face to face! It's easier to talk ABOUT someone or sneakily send them anonymous notes.

    I'm sorry this kind of stuff has to even be a part of your life. I know the kind hearted person you are and how you really are a person out for the underdog!! Just like Jesus was... IS!

  4. "The Scott" did you stop blogging? Or...

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