Monday, June 20, 2011

Those Who SEEK!

Here are two interesting verses:

Proverbs 8:17(NIV) I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.

Jeremiah 29:13(NIV) You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

These two verses point out something quite obvious and that is when we seek, God we will find him. In a couple of short days I will be making the trip to Cornerstone Festival to be a seminar speaker. This comes at a great time with my book coming out this Friday. However, if I want to get to Cornerstone I can either listen to one person who says, “THIS is the way you go…if you go any other way it will be longer, out of your way, etc.” I could listen to the person who says, “you know…if you go down through Milwaukee rather than taking I-39 all the way down you might see more things and enjoy the drive a little more.” The other option for me would be to navigate my own path and experience the journey on my own. Although I have been to Cornerstone several times there is always a new route to take.

I think this is how it is for everyone’s faith journey. We are all told by a Pastor or parent “this is the way…walk ye in it.” This is quoted out of Isaiah and meant for the people we read about in that book. However, we are all on different journeys and we should be VERY cautious of those people that tell us “that is not the way we should go to find Christ.” Our journey to Christ should not cause us to do things that will cause harm or hurtful living but the joy does come in the journey. Daily we are finding God over and over again…how do you do that? That is part of the beauty because you will see and experience things that I will not. The same can be said about me seeing and experiencing things that you will not. These are the things that make Christianity so great! You may have seen, God work this one way over and over and over again. It is as if God knows your language and is connecting with you on a very real and personal level by how he communicates with you. With me and others however…he chooses other ways to communicate. God used everything from a burning bush to a talking donkey to speak to people. In our world today he could do the same or use something irregular and unorthodox to point us to him.

Take a look at the story of Jesus walking on the water. Again, some could say "this is the bible lesson from that story" and remain unopened to other teachings. Well, I believe that story does have to do with faith or the lack thereof. However, I believe it also teaches us a lesson that Jesus does not always appear in ways we know or are taught. The disciples have not seen Jesus like this before and the Bible in Matthew 6 even says, "they were frightened." We can rest assure however that it was Jesus.

When you hear fundies saying “this is the only way to find God” be very cautious! All throughout scripture we find people coming to Christ is ALL KINDS of different ways. Today is just the same and God is still revealing himself to us in ways that speak our language.

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  1. Our walk with Christ is indeed individual, and it isn't supposed to fit in a pretty wrapped box looking like everyone elses'. I couldn't agree more. God's plans are bigger and more grand than that!