Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrate Diversity at Radiant Fellowship!

I remember first moving to Waupaca and telling, Tracy “Look! The black person!” What I meant by that is Waupaca is not a very racially diverse city. I can literally go a whole week without seeing a person from another ethnic race (unless I eat at China Buffet). So how is Radiant Fellowship able to celebrate diversity? How can a little church say they are diversified by the people in the church when it is full of whities? Let me explain.

At Radiant Fellowship it is a great dynamic. On any given Sunday as you pull into the parking lot you will see bumper stickers that are pro-republican and pro-democrat. I remember seeing one car parked a few weeks ago that had the Darwin fish on it. THIS KIND OF STUFF DOES NOT BOTHER ME IN THE LEAST. In fact I get a bit giddy about it. What is even better is that people at church are mature about it (for the most part lol). We adhere to the social skill rule that says, “Don’t talk about money or politics” and it works!

I get asked all kinds of questions in regards to people coming to Radiant Fellowship. My two favorite ones most recently were “would you be okay with Wiccans coming to see what you are about?” The other question was “Is Radiant Fellowship ready for a same sex couple to attend?” Both of them I wish I was face to face with the person that asked because they would have seen my facial expression and realized how silly of a question that was. I am okay with everyone coming to Radiant Fellowship. Because a gay couple comes in am I going to do a message on why being gay is wrong? NO! Fact is that I dialogued a message a couple months ago with my friend who is gay from Milwaukee. We talked about the church loving everyone! I just had a brother from Zimbabwe private message me and thank me for that message! If a Wiccan comes to church will I do a series on “comparative religions”? NO! The fact is that we have some people when they are in town visiting…they will attend Radiant Fellowship even though they are gay. Why? You tell me…they feel loved there. If there is something that needs to change in their life or anyone's life it is up to the Holy Spirit not me. My task…the churches task is to simply love people regardless of what background they come from.

So is Radiant Fellowship a diverse church? ABSOLUTELY! From republican to democrat, from gay to straight from Christian to Wiccan…we have them all. This is what makes it a lively place to be as we show respect to everyone that comes in.

In the words of the Christian blues artist, Rev. Dan Smith “This is the Lord’s house…everybody is welcome. Come on in and taste the bread of life.”


  1. One of my favorite passages now is Revelation 22:17 In that chapter the gate is left open and the Spirit and the Bride say COME and drink of the water of life freely. May we offer them drink and wash their weary and sore feet as they come into our presence.

  2. Great post, no doubt fundamentalists are sending you straight to hell

  3. Wouldn't fly in the A/G churches around here. Of course, you realize that I live about 200 miles south of the General Headquarters, and I'm pretty much right in the Bible Belt. Maybe you're perspective will trickle down this way!!! :)

  4. SO THANKFUL for the attitude of LOVE, GRACE and MERCY at Radiant Fellowship!! May the Lord Jesus always protect that and bless it and use it for His Glory!! Thanks for having this be the heart of your church because it certainly was Jesus' heart (from my reading of the "red letters")

  5. A relative of mine shared your most recent blog entry via a post on her Facebook page, so I thought I'd check it out. Started looking through your old entries & came across this one. Thank your sharing what you did- I have to echo Wileman's comments! One of the "differences" you mentioned in this entry was those who are gay. I am wondering if there is a way I might be able to discuss this issue with you further...? For the last year I've realized I have an attraction to the same sex & currently am in a same-sex relationship. While I am comfortable with the relationship & it feels right, I also struggle with being a Christian because of all the controversy of this issue in the church...If possible to have some sort of communication about this, please email me at Thanks!