Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 236: Speak Up!

There is something I tend to find interesting with all of the social networking that I do. Whether it is my blog, tweets, Facebook status updates, or face to face conversation…I feel it is central to scripture to think on some things differently. To question and raise thoughts. If you don’t think it is central to scripture to ask questions…you ought to re-read the bible.

There are many things that I just don’t question. Many of those would be the standard beliefs that define who I am credentialed with and what other churches believe. However, there are many more things that we can question. Isn’t that really how we got our Matthew Henry Commentaries of today? Here is an educated man who did a commentary on scripture and we hold it to be the best commentary second to the Holy Spirit’s guiding. Wait…the Holy Spirit’s guiding? If something we read in scripture is put in a new light but is contrary to what our upbringing or denomination believes…is it the Holy Spirit’s guiding to put that “other thought” out of your head and go with what mother wants?

I find when I post some things on social network sights that may be contrary to some teachings or how a church “should do things” that comments can sometimes be staggeringly low. If I post a blog about something light hearted “the joy of fellowship” or “Jesus is Lord” then I will get comments like “great blog brother” or “that is some good stuff.” Why? Because sometimes we are afraid to show that we may think a little abstract. We don’t want anyone else to know about our “radical” thoughts so we keep them to ourselves and not comment on ones that share our exact sentiments. Early this morning at 1:20 a.m. I got a private message from a fellow A/G pastor on Facebook that said, “Was praying for you today. We need more Pastor's like you. You are making an impact.” This really cheered me up. I so appreciate these kinds of messages.

If you have a different take on scripture, a out of the box thought or even something that might challenge a “biblical foundation” the worse thing you can do is not talk about it. You need to research it, talk about it, if you don’t know what you think about it….put it out there on social network sites and see what others think. If you find that you are wrong…so be it…that is the joy of studying and conversation. However, if people are agreeing with you, study it more and see what happens. Matthew Henry and the people that put together the IVP commentary had to think out loud…it helps us grow. Be willing to go out on a limb, be willing to be corrected but also be willing to shed some light in a new way that some of your friends may have never seen before. It is a great thing….be a rebel and speak up!

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  1. I needed to hear this so bad today. I often wrestle with the whole idea of being a "wrestler" makes me the enemy. Indeed it does not. It isn't even being a rebel. It's being me. Jesus loves me and I need to constantly remind myself when I don't fit in the "box" of what others may or may not expect of me.. that I AM accepted. By the ONE I HAVE accepted. Jesus Christ.
    Seriously, thank you for being you... real... and by so doing, giving me hope that I can too!!
    Bless you brother!