Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 219: They Think They Have it All Together

This blog was inspired by a friend of mine on Facebook who encouraged me to blog about my week thus the name, " "they think they have it all together". I am going to be the first to say "I don't have it all together nor do I pretend to." My close friends will tell you that and I am not afraid to admit it. This week started off with some fireworks however after I posted a blog over the weekend about leaving your kids. It was a light hearted blog about parents needing to take a vacation without the kids. On my personal facebook there was overwhelming support from parents, grandparents, etc. I love what one of my friends said regarding the kids staying with grandparents while the parents are away.

" Grandparents have the greatest role to play in a Childs life! Kids blow off what parents say so much of the time. But we all usually remember what grandma and grandpa told/taught us! I'm about to be one for the first time. And plan to invest as much time as possible. Not to mention, I really want my kids to have a strong marriage and continued connection w each other! I would think that would require an occasional date night or trip w/o kids. A luxury that is very few and far between, here! The kids move away and the parents left to deal w each other, not good if they've lost touch!"

To me and so many others this just makes sense, however, to some they think because I am a pastor many will use my blog as the final authority and do this. I had to chuckle at one person who said I pastor a LARGE church. Physically the church I pastor is 90 on a good week but others that I am able to be friends with online is WAY larger. I guess this is why I am hesitant to ever start another "M.O.P.'s" (Mothers of Preschoolers) group again at the church I pastor. I have no doubt that many of the ladies from "Gentle Christian Mothers" have a great heart and understanding. Let me rephrase that I am sure that even if some don't agree with the opinion of others that they will let it slide or be nice in their response. After reading the mission statement and researching this group...I would highly suggest it to any mom. However, there are a handful that were less than kind with me. I always enjoy people that blast you and than when they get someone who has a little backbone and will defend themselves, they end up calling your salvation into question and think you have a rebellious heart. Amazing. These few ladies spread this blog and really made it a bad yet humorous day for me. Another new mom on my Facebook page said this...

"I can't wait to take a kid free vacation someday! Though any kind of vacation would be fine right now if it takes me to someplace with out snow. People suck and perfect little moms who know best are the worst in the world. (also the most jealous and miserable, that's why they spend all their free time critiquing others)"

When we had a M.O.P.'s group at our church a few years ago this same thing happened. You had a handful of moms that were genuinely nice...we still have one attending our church today. With these moms you could share your opinion and they would accept it. If they disagreed it was done nicely. Then there were those who "think they have it all together." If you bring up one kind of baby car seat, they would tell you how wrong you are. Go ahead and bring up vacation without the kids and they are ready to hang you. Talk about what you do as a mom and the ones who don't think like you will talk behind your back. This was the downfall of this group...after a great start it quickly fizzled out after a few months.

You see this in all areas of life and in many professions. It would be safe to say you even see this in churches. If you don't agree with the theology of someone, they will either nicely disagree or be an all out hard nose about it and if you don't see it their way then you are wrong.

I am not sure what was up with these mom's that blasted me but I can tell you that by others standards, they are wrong. Now...where is my itinerary for this weekend while on vacation with the worlds greatest mom and without the kids.

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