Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 196: Staying on Task

When I set out to start this blog the intent was to make it a daily thing. I wanted to blog everyday for a year but that in and of itself is a blog to talk about. As of today I am 44 blogs behind and that would be a pretty epic feat to try and catch up. I may try and see what happens but who knows.

A lot of times in ministry we try to do our best in keeping on task but we get so sidetracked by this that or the other thing. I would like to tell you that being a pastor means being a behind a desk all the time so you can study and come up with your next stellar performance/message but it is not that way at all. You will get side tracked by many different things. You have to be willing to roll with whatever comes your way when you are on staff at a church.

Well, onward we go to the next blog.

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  1. yeah like stupid people bugging you on facebook! LOL Okay, keep going...