Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 187: FIRED UP!

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

This passage in Matthew 5 has rung true with me this week as I literally got knocked down on Sunday when I listened to a message from a "biblical goat" that called me out by name and tore me apart. After I heard this I was confused, hurt, after the holy spirit led me to this online message. I don't say this lightly and I say it humbly...but be careful if you are going to rip me to pieces because it seems the holy spirit wants me to know about it.

Last night and today God has been giving me such a fresh new excitement about what is going on in my life. From a book in the works, to the church I am the pastor of, to being asked to be a seminar speaker at a Christian music festival in the summer of 2011. God is so encouraging me with this path he is taking me down in life and I now find these kind of personal attacks to be the gas I need to keep on keeping on. This verse above really rings true with me as I continue to press forward.

I am so fired up right now in a good way and excited for what is ahead for me, Radiant Fellowship, That's Not My God" and my family! I am humbled at the sphere of influence God is growing in front of me and I am all charged up in my spirit again!

John Wesley said, “When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.” Consider this person, "on fire!"


  1. Yay!! I've been praying for you! I was listening to your sermon from Sunday and thinking, "Yup, God has some good plans for THIS boy!"
    Indeed... blessed are YOU!

  2. You are not being persecuted, you are being rebuked for being worldy and misguiding people. There is a difference for being persecuted for righteousness sake and being challenged because your doctrine and teaching is off. What Godly works have you done that people challenge you on? What damage have you done to the devil that you are on his radar? Nothing, because you have become no threat to him. Who cares if you are challenging the way traditional(lifeless church) does things? You change the way we supposely do "church" so to speak doesnt make you spiritual. That just means you are as lost as the traditional church is that has lost the life of Christ. Trying to be more liberal then a religious legalistic church doesn't make you holy.

    A lady calls your church a devil church because you play on ungodly music and try to make it spiritual yet you think its because your righteous? Its not because you perform miracles or preach a spirit-filled heart gripping convicting messages that reveals Christ and brings men to repentance that people come against you. The bible says that when you call darkness light, how great is that darkness. People get delivered from the trash music of the world and you are trying to make it into a sermon. That is a definition of a lost man.

    You need to repent, humble yourself and get a revelation of Christ. See Him for who He is! I pray God would have mercy on you and your family and those you have misguided in your arrogance and pride. Can you just step back for a moment an examine yourself? Do you have the guts to do that? It wont be pretty but it will be worth it all.

  3. And you would know Aaron? Your comment annoys me...funny how you think that of me and I think that of you and your church. So we both go on...we will see who is right in the end. Have a nice life dude. Oh, and I am flattered that my name would have to be brought up in a church service (although in a negative light). Not Godly in the very careful doing that kind of stuff.

  4. Bob, you just helped me to realize WHY I need to pray for Pastors MORE!!! Dude I am REALLY going to be bumping up the prayer for you and your WONDERFUL church!!! After hearing Bob Beeman speak at your church, I KNOW why the devil is after you Bob!! You are dangerous to him indeed!
    Also, I've been praying about supporting you guys financially and now the Lord JUST answered that prayer for me! Cool how the Holy Spirit works, huh?

  5. I love it...thanks so much Chris, you are a great friend to me and the church.

  6. Who decides what is "Ungodly music"??? I can understand "ungodly lyrics", but under who's standard does ANYONE decide what music is ungodly? This guy needs to read Romans 14 before he says another word. Seriously!

  7. First, afischer11, you need to learn to write. Literacy goes a long way. If you're going to attempt to 'rebuke' someone, it's better when it's constructed in a way that is actually comprehensible.

    Second, the only person out here who is demonstrably arrogant and proud is you. Your false humility and self-righteousness is an embarrassment to the name of Christ.

    Third, by publicly broadcasting the message in question, you and your church have engaged in libel and defamation. Aside from the fact that it could easily be litigated, it shows just how naive and petty you and your church are. You know who the world or the devil doesn't give a crap about? You. Why should anyone bother to discredit the church when you're doing the work for them?

    Similarly, what's worse is that you and your church have only reinforced the stereotype of the a-hole Christian. Moreover, you'll probably get more upset that I typed 'a-hole' than the truth of the matter, which shows just how depraved you are, all the while thinking you're doing the Lord's work.

    In short, you need to examine yourself, for evil does not exist more than where people are most convinced it does not exist, and your church owes Bob Adams a very public, very contrite apology.

  8. Bob, I have never heard you preach a sermon. But I have been to your church couple yrs ago to see my good friend Bob Beeman whom I have not seen in almost 20 yrs speak at your church. I know you have mentioned of the influence Bob Beeman has had on you as a young man, and that is why you have been called into becoming a pastor yourself.

    I totally know what you are going through; many yrs ago Pastor Bob's church, Sanctuary of South Bay went though a similar attack by a national evangelical pastor, who went as far to call Bob's church a cult. But yet he never set foot in Bob's church to hear any of his sermons.

    I can only encourage you to continue to do what God is calling you to do and 'LET' God handle the attacks, the battle is His.

    I have heard the reference of ungodly music in the past from a number of churches especially traditional southern baptist churches. There is no such thing as godly music, music is nothing more than instrumental noise. What makes it godly is the words we put to music. I am so tired of uneducated people keeps putting God in a box; like He is not able to use what He chooses. God isn't only interested of being worshiped with traditional hymn or gospel music, but I know I don't need to tell you that. So, stand tall and continue to feed the flock that God has entrusted you.

    In His love,
    Jack Mortifi-Cation (facebook)

  9. Afischer11, YOU are the one who needs to see Christ for who he really is!! You seem to think he will "take Bob Adams out" because you prayed for it. PRAYED for it!! That is seriously twisted! A pastor who prays for bad things for people....I can't wrap my mind around it. I don't think you really have the time to worry about Bob when there's, clearly, so much wrong in your own life and church. I'm concerned over the fact that half of your congregation didn't get up and leave when you revealed the evil in your heart. You really should be, too. What are you feeding your flock?

  10. Wow, sorry. I guess I'm thinking that there's tons of people out there that believe and act that way, so there's no use trying to convince them of anything. It's kind of like trying to explain a's just not funny by the time you get done, and they won't get the humor the next time either. But you already know that.

    I'm thinking one other thing: Let him speak as much as he wants, say whatever he wants, do whatever he wants. You just remain silent (as Jesus did in the face of His accusers) until he decides to come talk personally with you. And then just keep doing what you're doing, keep praying, and keep walking.

    Take care, thanks for sharing not only this, but your whole life. It's always fun to read your posts and what not. God Bless,

  11. 1) Pharisees will be Pharisees.

    2) I Appreciate your ministry Bob!

  12. I find it truly sad that this happened. I cannot believe someone who clearly enjoyed my brothers youth ministry when he was in it has changed to such a degree. I could go into why I think that has happened but that is for another time. What I can say is this. Now with the advantage of technology that we have a person can listen to a service without being there. If you listen to Bob's services you are right he does use mainstream music in his services. But can i let you in on a little known fact... Jesus and Paul both used quotes and words spoken by philosophers of the day to get there message across. You can think what you want about using this sort of medium to convey Gods message. However, I like many other people do not listen to alot of Christian music other then worship mostly because it sucks. If a person can relate to a mainstream song and God's word can be reflected through it then that person will come to a better understanding of God.
    As far as rebuking my brother and that he should check himself...are you kidding me. When living in Milwaukee if you brought up Bob Adams in conversation people would know that he is a Godly man and preachs God's word accurately with LOVE. If you bring up "Fisher" in the same conversation many people would agree that you would not get the same response. When you look at the fruits of Godly labor (not that numbers truly matter) Radiant has gone from 5 to 80+ in the time that Bob has been there. Not to mention the facebook site, and other outside of church ministries that Bob has gotten involved in to grow the Kingdom of God.
    I find it truly sickening how the people that were so close to Bob when he was in Milwaukee are now so against him when they don't even come to PERSONALLY see what is going on up here in Waupaca. I pray that God would humble you and your "church' so that you can truly know God's love and what it is Aaron.

  13. Jake. I did grow up in PB's ministry. I had fun at youth group doing the activities, skateboarding, going to the gyro stand, playin on the worship team etc.

    I always liked you PB and never had anything against. I was also young trying to serve the Lord, learning to deal with temptations, and trying to know what it meant to really serve God. Now I was for the most part like other kids in youth group. I didn't drink and din't smoke, or listen to trash music, and did all the things that a "christian kid" was suppose to do. I chased girls and eventually found the one I married at age 17(Apryl) at bible camp. I went to aims trips, conferences,camps, rockathons, sleep overs, lock-ins,wrestling parties, video game nights, rap concerts, rock concerts, and mostly everything else the youth group did except some golf trips and the florida trip. Yet there was something missing. There was times I wept at an altar at camp and went to a prayer meeting. I got the opportunity to preach my first sermon thanx to PB...little did I know I would be called today to preach.

    In spite of all that I knew there was more. I had a Godly father who was a man of God at home and at church. I thought he was just more serious then most, just more serious then me and the people I went to church with. Thats okay right, we are all just at different places? Well I come to see things different. What my Dad had that I did not was eyes to see Christ for who he really is. Not the Christ of this modern age has formed to fit the mold of our likes and desires, but the true Christ. So I just kept on existing at that state of being... I mean I'm no different then the rest of the people I attended church with. I believed Jesus died for me... I believed the word of God was truth. I was married, taught kids and played on the worship band. I m good right?

    Then I went to a revival meeting. My dad invited me to hear a man preach and what I heard changed me. I made this video just recently of a small portion of that sermon that caused me to repent and see Christ for who He is and made me burn for Him. Here is the link

    Pastor Bob honestly I can't remember a single sermon you preached. What I do remember is you buying an air conditioner for camp with a plan to return it when the week was over. I remember calling your mom and asking her to make brownies and I remember slinging water balloons out hotel windows. I remember you told us you that you got rolling stone magazine so you could tell us what not to listen to.

    All we ever needed was for you to simply get alone with God, hear His voice, and then tell us what He said. What happened was we learned Christian principles but we never learned Christ. We learned how to love things like video games, skateboarding, and music but never learned how to love Christ.

    It's time for us in this last hour that call ourselves the Church of Jesus Christ to throw away all of our ideas and just simply get the mind of Christ. If we can do this we will yet see Gods power return to the modern church. A power that man can't create or brainstorm. Power that gives God all the credit and not man.

    PB I hope you allow others to see this and I hope you can see my plea.

  14. You are welcome for the preaching opportunities. You can't remember a single sermon I preached because you didn't have ears to hear than. You admitted that early on. I get many other and different responses from other teens that were in the group. Because you didn't grow in the ministry...that means nobody else did? That is kind of naive to say and quite pious. I am proud of where you are at in life but bro. not sure we will see eye to eye on some things.

  15. Oh gawsh Bob. This makes me so sad. But I know what you mean, I've been torn apart too. I have been reading through your blog(even the archives) and listening to the podcasts of Radiant Fellowship and I am so encouraged by what I am reading. Keep up the good work of loving people to Christ. It's the kindness of God that leads people to change their minds about things.