Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 184: Dust Myself Off and Move On

Today was one of those days that can leave a person completely shell shocked. My family is all away from home for the weekend. For me it was a weekend to relax and renew but it seems there were other plans for me. I am so thankful for the church that I pastor and the life it gives to other people and myself. If you ever walk out of Radiant Fellowship discouraged, you need to stick around a little longer because you know you are loved here.

As I left church today I began to think about the next chapter I will be writing in my book tonight. This process has been anything but easy mentally. Apparently some naive people think this book is all about bashing elders and pastors. This is really not the case but if some insist on making ignorant assumptions...well so be it. Here I am motivated as I begin writing this chapter when all of a sudden the Holy Spirit prompted me to check out this one church's website. I NEVER CHECK OUT THIS CHURCH'S WEBSITE because I don't agree with them and therefore will not visit it so I won't say anything negative about them. I find more value in visiting "The Onion's" website than this one. As I go to this website I see what was being spoken on the last few weeks and click on a random link. This link takes me to a message that actually made me grateful that I am not a part of a "living under the law" church like that any longer. It got boring really quick and I began to wonder why I went to this website...I began to fast forward and all of a sudden heard, "we had a youth pastor years ago...." This caught my attention and WHAM my name was mentioned (quite a few times). I heard many negative things being said about me to this church and at one point this "pastor" said, "I prayed, Lord...take this guy out." He back peddled a bit but, you know, "out of the abundance of the heart...the mouth speaks." I am quite confident that any person who has to be that LOW, he is dealing with real inner problems. That is all I am going to say about this...words cannot really describe how I am feeling tonight about it.

Isn't it great though that just as I am about to write another chapter in my book that the Holy Spirit would prompt me to go and visit this website? This link none-the-less without any prompting from anyone but the Holy Spirit. I learned a valuable lesson tonight that really gives me more fuel and inspiration for my book. It saddens me though that what was once healed up and past hurts gone was re-opened tonight as a person who will never earn the title "pastor" in my in my eyes made an ignorant comment to a church full of people where many of their children were in my youth group and now are serving the Lord.

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  1. A prayer I pray often...
    Lord Jesus, please help me to see myself as YOU see me, and to make the changes I need to to love you and love others better.
    Bob,I think it's pretty amazing how you came across this!! I think God has His mighty hand on you to change the way that the "church" is operating!
    I'm VERY honored to know you and call you friend!!!
    Bless you dear brother!!!