Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 173: Don't Make Me Sing

Have you ever known the type of people in life that make all of the conversations about them? This skit on Saturday Night Live is about a lady from the 1920's at a dinner party. The people at the party are talking and then someone asks a another person to play the piano. Instantly this lady says, "Don't make me sing." Well, on and on this goes and it gets to the point where people are saying..."WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU TO SING." To see what I mean, click here to watch it on Hulu.

These are the type of people that I do not understand. Whether if the conversation is good or bad there seems to be the people that make it about them. This can be a bloggers worst nightmare. A blogger can have hundreds, if not thousands of readers and there will be this one person who thinks, "hey, this is about me." This potentially could be a very narcissistic attitude and one that is not healthy. You know the type, someone else in the room overhears someone elses problem and they try to "one-up" the person. This is not a healthy way to live.

To live in true freedom and away from bondage is to think not everything is about you. Some have been in the middle of so much junk that they are now paranoid. I have been there and came to the realization that not everyone is out to get you. This is a horrible way to live and not healthy in the least. That kind of lifestyle can end up making you a very unpleasant person to be around. Anytime a person has to tear down people they see, conversations they here, etc. that is a person who needs help and has to let God do a work in their life. I used to say this often as a youth show me the person picking apart things about other people and I will show you a very insecure person.

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