Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 166: Masks

I find it funny that Jesus would use the term "hypocrite" to talk about people who are two faced. You may have heard this already, but the term hypocrite refers to theater of Jesus' time. When an actor would put on a mask...they were a hypocrite. Jesus is calling Pharisees of his time actors.

I realize there are many that are reading this message that have been in church longer than I have. How do I know this? Because I am only 36 years old, yet I feel that I have seen so much already. Having been a youth pastor for 9 years and working so closely with powers that as a pastor...you see allot. Being in full time ministry for 15+ years and dealing with different kind of people all the time a person has no choice but to observe how fake some can be. The other side of that coin however is how genuine and real people can be as well but this can make some churches uneasy.

When you deal with people that wear a mask all the time you become quite convinced, that if you, wear a mask long enough, you forget who you were beneath it. This ends with people hurting people because they do not know who they are any longer. These people will usually have a repertoire of masks they use depending on the company they are in. If they are with their work friends, they wear their work mask. When they are with their church friends, they wear their church mask. You get the point. The problem I foresee with all of this mask wearing is that those who are being genuine and comfortable in their own skin often times get hurt by those wearing so many masks.

Paradoxically the ones who choose to be real and genuine in life really make others feel uncomfortable. People will think of you as an egotistical person or someone that is prideful. Why? Because you carry yourself with confidence and know who you are and where you are going. Sadly, those wearing the masks will often times beat down in one way or another the one who is real and genuine. This happened to me twice as a pastor but still I am okay with it because what was done to me has created me. I am thankful for the many messages I get each day from people that are finding hope knowing there is a church and pastor in Waupaca that is okay with people being real. Gone are the days for Radiant Fellowship of people wearing masks and pretending to be something they are not. I greatly admire people who are brutally honest with who they are when around their church and by themselves. This leads to growth as a body of believers like none other.

It is my desire that as Radiant Fellowship grows we continue to see real and genuine people. People not afraid to admit their successes or shortcomings.

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