Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 137: Heavy Metal Church

Today I was running errands in downtown Waupaca. If you are not familiar with the area then please don't think "downtown" is a large area. You can park your car and walk around to do all of your errands. As I was walking around a business owner came up to me and asked, "How is the heavy metal church doing?" At first I was thinking...what does he mean by that? He went on to talk about how I my picture with all of these Christian rock artists. It then clicked with me...ah yes..."The heavy metal church"...I get it.

You know, I was thinking about that all day. A couple of weeks ago a retired "higher-up" in the Assemblies of God called Radiant Fellowship a "niche church" and really making great strides to reach the not so normal church crowd. I would concur with him on his assessment. In fact he went on to say "the greatest days for Radiant Fellowship are still ahead." I have to admit that I love being a "niche church." We may not have the largest building but one thing we have is love. We have love for each other and anyone that walks through the doors. There is also plenty of love for those we are reaching out to.

Some churches are great at reaching the "normal" crowd and some are into reaching other people. I am thankful that we provide great opportunities for those in our church to reach people.

Are we the heavy metal church? Why yes...yes we are :-)

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