Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 136: Good Friends?

Tonight was a great evening with other pastor friends. If you are on staff at a church, I would encourage you to get to know other people in your area of ministry. For me this group consists of other pastors from the Assemblies of God from the surrounding cities as far as Minocqua. The friendship that we have is great and the laughter is even better. We talk about serious things and not so serious things. The importance for this time is invaluable however.

Being a pastor can mean allot of friends and acquaintances but very few GOOD friends. I can only speculate as to why this can be. Perhaps when a pastor becomes transparent and truly vents things and becomes vulnerable....if it is with the wrong person, it can be misconstrued as "pastor has moral dealings and wonder if he will be sticking around for long." The other thing is a pastor just wants to be himself and not talk "church stuff" when hanging out. Believe it or not, pastors like to talk sports, video games, music (Christian and Secular) and more. We don't want to be having a cookout and get broadsided with some business question about church or "did you hear who so and so is hanging out with?"

My advice is to make friends with those in the same area of ministry you are in. You will enjoy the fellowship.

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