Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 128: Selfishness be Gone

I am working on my message for this Sunday and to be honest with you, it is messing me up. I am taking a closer look at the scripture in I Timothy where it is being written about "the rich man." This is what I do know so far...chances are if you live in America and have the normal everyday things, you know...car, house (rental or own), food, etc. in a world view...YOU ARE RICH!

I am still messed up by the last "Church at the Pub" where we blessed a lady with two $25.00 gift cards to JC Penny. To be honest with you, it blows me away that this seemed like a thousand dollars to her. This simple act of kindness that really for some is nothing to dish out meant so much to her. A simple $50 changed this person's life that night. It really reminded me of how these kinds of blessings really lays a good foundation as I "store up treasures in heaven."

You know what the humbling thing is for me about this situation? It is something that should happen more often. I took my family to the fair the other day and brought with me a decent amount of money to go on rides, buy food, etc. I should have no problem helping someone out in a random act of kindness/blessing. This truly brings joy to my life.

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