Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 92: A Rant

So I will come out and say it. This is a place where I can be blatantly honest and hopefully help other pastors and pastors to be. This is a place where people can read the transparent side of a pastor and what they experience. A question I often find myself asking is “why is it when someone asks me, ‘I want to do worship dance, flag/banner ministry, etc.’ in a church….why do they always seem different?” I find it interesting that these people are all about the church until you say “NO”. I know for me I find it disturbing for people to do this in church unless they are used in a certain program or at a set time. I have found that nine times out of ten when a pastor tells these people no, they immediately think you are an awful person/pastor and will never show up again. I consider these people that act in this manner to be very immature in their life and personal walk with God. Okay…so this was a rant but none the less an important thing to just put out there.

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