Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 88: Church Growth

In January of this year our church staff had an offsite meeting weekend. Being a smaller church we simply went to Spencer Lake Christian Center for our meeting. Big or small it is important for a church to have these meetings. This was a great time for us to put our heads together and hone in on our mission, etc. I will be the first to admit that 2009 was a plateau year and we were doing pretty much anything and everything. I believe the theological term for that is “fart in the wind”. We wrestled with everything and spent much time in prayer and still maintained at the same size. This was reflective in my personal life as well being a new daddy of two in a four month time frame…I was in survival mode in 2009.

After we had this meeting, we felt we had purpose once again and things were on track. We all agreed we were on the right track and ready to see what God is up to. We believed that Radiant Fellowship was on the brink of doing something great….and so it begins! This summer has been amazing with our growth. Not only have we seen new people coming in but they are staying. What a joy! We decided we can handle this one of two ways. Either we can carry on with business as usual and not do much to facilitate the growth or, we can continue to hone in on our “A Game”. This is where we as the staff go above and beyond to make this place the best we can. This means for a pastor to make sure everything is clicking the way it should without micro-managing. It also means that other ministries have to do everything they can to make it a great place as well. This means change if necessary.

Yes it is all about God in churches and we need to realize that. We must also be sure to show people the love of Christ in all areas. We must strive for excellence in all we do so that people are proud to be a part of this beautiful bride we call the church.

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