Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 115: Friends

Remember the classic rock song, "I am a rock...I am an island." Well, I doubt the artist sang that when he was really in need of a close friend. What I find interesting in the life of a church are the ones who jump ship for the stupidest reasons ( I do think there are legitimate reasons for leaving). Some will say "we are a family at our church." The sad part is that when these people jump ship because they don't get their way or something small happens....I just wonder if that is what they do to their immediate family as well.

What happens is these people will leave and never make any GOOD friends. They will use the excuse that they are moving on for this reason or that. What I have observed in church life is that those who say "no one wanted to be my friend," it is usually because they would not let their wall down so someone could befriend them.

It is important that people stick around churches and make good friends. It is these friends that you can call on in your time of need to be there for you.

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