Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 112: MY BAD!

This morning was one of those character building moments for know...swallow the pride and just ask times. I usually will have my messages/sermons planned out a minimum of one month. This serves to help the worship leader and myself stay on task and gear services around the message. Well, even though I have an Android phone, netbook with Outlook, and iPod...I still managed to forget to make a note of what I will be talking on the last Sunday of this month. I felt so goofy having to call my worship leader to ask what I will be speaking on. This was a lesson to me that sometimes you just can't be a good ole' piece of paper and a pen to jot something down and post it on the bulletin board in the office. Lesson learned.....stay sharp!


  1. I love that you had the humility to ask your worship leader :) Stay humble Bob, God's taking you places!