Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 109: Escapist Theology

One thing I have come to discover that gets me upset about some Christians, is the escapist mentality. This is the old classic line that is not even biblical where people say, "I am just passing through this life and just want to get to heaven." Instead of doing the work of the Lord and realizing that we are here to make a difference....these people just point out all the wrong in people. These are the people that make Christianity known for what we hate rather than what we love.

Jesus warns that some of the people we assume are in may be “out”, and some of the people we assume are out may be “in.” It is my opinion that as a church we must invite people to trust Jesus wherever they are on their journey. Christians are not charged by God with the task of destroying other religions. Jesus has great warning for religious people who make grand announcements about how they’re in and others are out.

Franciscan priest Richard Rohr had this to say on what is salvation: "My simple definition of salvation would be, when one begins to live in conscious union with God. This, of course, grows and develops and Jesus makes it plain that this has to begin in our bodies, in our human experience in this world, now, and for that Jesus is surely necessary for salvation. …it is not a formula or a mere affirmation but a change of identity."

To be a Christian is to believe that history is going somewhere. It’s not how can I escape this life to be with God, it’s how can I live so God can take up residence here? I would suggest that you be wary of any form of spirituality that claims the goal is escape.

The bible...this grand story does not begin with sin, it begins with Shalom. God's desire is not to destroy everything and start over but rather make all things new again, Shalom...to bring about a resurrection to our world. Jesus resurrected from the grave, we are to live a life of resurrection and make a difference in our world.

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  1. Surprised there are no comments here, but not really I guess. We are so programmed to believe the world is being taken over by the devil that the true message of the "kingdom of God" doesn't even compute. It's all about getting someone to say the sinners prayer and moving on to the next person. Everybody on The Ark this baby's going down! Maybe the reason even Jesus didn't know the day or the hour He is returning is because in large part it may depend on us. Isn't Jesus waiting for His enemies to be put under His feet? If we are waiting to escape rather to engage the world and advance the kingdom of God ON THIS EARTH, HERE AND NOW then we have a really unappealing gospel to present to the masses. The good news is lost in the escape-ism message. We may die and go to heaven, but in the end it is heaven that comes to earth. Maybe we should take a hint and stop burying our talents.