Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 80: Sheriff Departments and Church Boards

In the news last night coming out of the Green Bay area there was discussion about the Sheriff’s department moving. You can click here to watch the story.

So last night they played this story on the 10 o’clock WFRV news. During the report one of the people on the decision board made a comment that said, “We don’t feel it is really necessary at this point for the department to have a new location when the current one is working fine.” Here is the clincher in this topic, the person that made that statement does not work for the sheriff's department but rather just someone on the city board. BINGO!

Tracy and I immediately said, “what gives that person the right to make a big decision like that? This guy isn’t even in law enforcement.” We both agreed that this is very reminiscent of church boards. It is also reminiscent of committees that Tracy has seen.

This can be the problem with some church boards. I have seen where each person on the board is to “overlook” a ministry and report back to the board. Sadly, it can be a negative thing because these board members may never sit in a children’s church or youth service to really know the needs of it. This is what drives pastors crazy…people elected by a church to make a decision on the ministry when in fact they are not that involved in the ministry of the church.

I am excited for Radiant Fellowship because the people on the board are involved in ministry and know what is going on. This makes for great meetings and gives the hired staff the freedom to do what God has called them to do.

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