Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 66: Staff/Board Fun at Church

Today reminded me how much fun church can be. Each Thursday we have our staff meeting here at my house. It is a great time for the kids, youth and music directors and me to get together and plan for upcoming events. We also take time to talk about the book we are reading and most of all just enjoy the camaraderie that comes from being a family. This is a very important part of a church that the staff gets along and to be free to say and share what they think unhindered by church politics/business. Today for instance we joked about everything from why anyone would have bothered to make "The Wizard of Oz" (sorry Amber) to of course "Skillet." The amazing thing is that creativity flows out of these meetings. Anytime your worship leader is rolling on the floor know you are with family.

The same can be said of our church board. Here is my take to pastors going into a board meeting. Don't take it too seriously. Follow me on this for a minute. Talk to most pastors and the one thing they dread the most are the board meetings. Talk to any board member and the thing they like best about church are board meetings. Why is this? Because board members (in some cases...NOT IN ALL) can be a real pain in the butt. They come with a facade on to do anything to please the pastor but lying under it is a person with their own agenda that is nothing more than a cancer to that fellowship. Any pastor that is dealing with a person like this should do the church a favor and kick them off the board (it is easy to spot these people...just ask me how). You may take a hit in your church finances because there is no maybe...they will leave and pull people with them. However, this will make your church VERY healthy. I have been asked about this church and that church with what I would do if I was a be honest? If I had to step into a church where the board has a history of losing pastors and handling processes wrong so they can secretly run the church and control the pastor....I would tell the church to get ready to sell the building. Why? Because the pastor is typically the chair of the board and should wipe the slate clean and start with a fresh board in cases like this. This would result in a downward spiral of giving and people leaving, HOWEVER it would lead to life and growth in the long run. Think about it...the healthiest thing a farmer can do to their field now and then is burn it down. When Yellowstone went up in flames a few years back...out of that came new health and growth! The same is true for a church.

I am so thankful for Radiant Fellowship's church board that comes ready to take care of business but does not take so seriously that they have secret agendas. We know how to handle trouble but we know how to love each other as well. We are in this thing together and it is very important we stay a family and be the best stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

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