Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 65: HOLY.......

It used to be said that "if you want to draw a crowd at your church than speak on end times." I find that statement to be untrue. Throughout the course of a pastors time you will prepare many messages and sermon series. In my experience as of recently I am finding that my upcoming series entitled, "The Non-Weird Approach to the Holy Spirit" is generating allot of discussion both good and not so good.

I believe this series to be a refreshing time as we give our viewpoint on the issue of the Holy Spirit. What will people do with it? Who knows. What I do know going into this series is that people can claim they have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and are constantly praying in the spirit but I have to be honest...if I don't see fruit, if others don't see fruit and you are constantly mowing down people living a life contrary to a spirit filled life than I question your salvation.

I believe that when you are living a life in the spirit though, that you and others will see fruit in your life. You will be the person that others want to be around because you are acting like Christ!

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