Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 63: Cornerstone Update 9 of 9

Yesterday Tracy and I got home from Cornerstone. It was an amazing week of meeting new people and seeing some cool things happen in ministry. I am always amazed at the path God takes me down in life. So what do I do with what I just experienced? I am going to kick-back this week and process the information of everything that happened and begin praying about my next steps. I cannot say it enough that as a pastor I am not going anywhere but God is up to something with me personally.

I would encourage any couple to go on a get-away without your children. I remember my parents went to couples camp a few times and left us my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Barb's house a couple of times. Even if your child is only 2 and 1 like James and Emma, I would encourage you to get away for more than one night. It is a fact you will miss them like crazy but the time you and your spouse will have is awesome. Please forgive me if this sounds odd but when you come back to your kids....your love and relationship with them will have grown even more. It is a very cool dynamic.

That is it for Cornerstone updates.....until next year!

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