Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 33: Late Night Outlines

Wednesday night after church is when I like to spend time in my office to begin putting my outline for that Sunday in its final form. Before you pass judgment on me as to why I am in the office so is because my wife works during the day while I watch the kids. When Tracy gets home I go to the office.

This week I am talking about finding peace by examining the 23rd Psalm. This study has revealed to me how ignorant the question is "so how is your spiritual life?" It is interesting but there is no Hebrew word for spiritual...because that would indicate some things are not. We are fully integrated beings that our souls are connected with our outside and it is God's desire that we are reconciled as one. Interesting isn't it? This may not be your average teaching on this portion of scripture but one I am sure you will find great peace in.

By taking a look at the 23rd Psalm it is my hope that many people at church and those that listen to the weekly podcast will find a new way to relax and renew. The Lord is my shepherd.

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