Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 27: Buddha is Coming to Radiant Fellowship!

Buddha may be joining us for service this week at Radiant Fellowship! I got a call today from a lady at our church who runs our cafe before service each week. She apparently made friends with the lady that does her nails here in Waupaca and is of Asian descent. The conversation eventually got to our cafe volunteer inviting this lady to church. Apparently the lady responded "as long as I can bring Buddha." This resulted in a phone call I got later from our cafe volunteer asking if this is okay. I would love to have Buddha sit in service sometime!

This is a classic scenario in church growth, some may get offended but I welcome it! I love to see other people's responses to someone in this case bringing their belief system with them and perhaps a small Buddha statue. Why am I so cool and calm about it? Jesus wins! How many times throughout scripture did people bring their God to an argument and the true God prevailed? ALWAYS. It is my job to love this person and be happy they came to Radiant Fellowship. Perhaps we can learn some things from them as well. Are you with me?

Buddhists believe.... Enlightenment lay in the “middle way,” not in luxurious indulgence or self-mortification. These are the ‘Four Noble Truths’—1) To live is to suffer. 2) Suffering is caused by desire. 3) One can eliminate suffering by eliminating all attachments. 4) This is achieved by following the noble eightfold path. The “eightfold path” consists of having a right 1) View 2) Intention 3) Speech 4) Action, 5) Livelihood 6) Effort (properly direct energies) 7) Mindfulness (meditation) 8) Concentration (focus). The Buddha's teachings were collected into the Tripitaka or “three baskets.”

There are other things they believe like "Karma" and such which really is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Sounds similar to Christianity? Perhaps. Would these things be able to be translated into Christianity...I think so. The teachings that are not in-line with what we believe is between that person and God/Holy Spirit to hash out. It is as if there is zeal there and they are so close....just make a couple of clicks over and say hello to my God!

I am looking forward to the possibility of this visit!

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