Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 20: Relax and Renew

I remember my days as a single youth pastor and all the time I put into the work of the ministry. Day and night I would work on things not taking a whole lot of time for myself. The youth group grew and the ministry was going well. It was a few years into it when I was told I need to take some time off…that was difficult to do after attending Jeanne Mayo conferences and her constantly repeating, “He who puts in the most time wins!” You know, I love Jeanne Mayo but I think she was wrong here.

Now that I am at the ripe old age of 36 lol I have learned to take more time for myself. I hold my Mondays sacred and try to do any church business. If you have ever tried to call me on a Monday, you might notice it goes straight to voicemail. I love my church but I need some time off.

Tonight I am sitting in my good friend’s house in Minocqua with my family and two other families (this is a big house). They always give us the bedroom upstairs that overlooks the lake. These friends of mine are in their 50’s but were with me during my hardest time in ministry and always made their lake home a place for Tracy and me to come and relax.

The first time I walked into their house in 2005 there was a sign that read “Relax and renew.” As a pastor, church staff, etc. it is very important to do just that. If you ever think you are so busy or so important in ministry that you cannot get away, here is a humbling reminder. The church made it how many years before you got there? They will do just fine if you are gone “relaxing and renewing” for a week or weekend.

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