Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 17: My Opinion on the Assemblies of God

I started a facebook group/ministry awhile ago entitled, “That’s not my God.” One of the big questions I get from people is “What denomination are you affiliated with?” Undoubtedly, I will get this more when I speak this summer at Cornerstone Festival and travel to Switzerland next March. We live in a society where there are so many denominations that even being non-denominational has become a denomination. I am affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

At first glance some might think….”you are allowed to do this or that in the Assemblies of God?” One big question I got was “What do they think about church at the pub?” I suppose some people will have their reasons as to why the Assemblies of God is “the man”. You know what though? Every denomination has something people could complain about….here is my honest assessment about the Assemblies of God.

I have been with them since 1997 when I officially got my certified ministers degree. I can honestly say that this state (Wisconsin) has great opportunities to fellowship with other pastors. My group that I meet with each month is so much fun that my wife and I really get disappointed when we are not able to make it. The support we get from our district office is second to none when it comes to having someone to lean on. What I appreciate the most is the accountability and the freedom we as churches/pastors have to try new things. Living in Waupaca, the home of the Assembly of God district office for our state I get asked “do you feel pressure from the powers that be?” No! In fact they get jazzed when you try a new ministry.

I suppose some have gripes about the Assembly of God…some are legitimate. I can tell you though that I have had many positive experiences with them. The reason I started this blog is that some younger “pastors to be” asked me to share my daily experiences. I would suggest checking out the A/G if you are not sure who to get your credentials through.

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