Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 14: Papa Bear is Roaring

There are a few things that really get to me, they are people that willingly walk away from their life in Christ, people that tell me how to parent, Waupaca drivers and those that tell me "I have a word from the Lord for you" and it ends up being just a prying message they want to tell you and end up slapping "God" on it so they have something to hide behind.

The last couple of days I had some fun on my facebook status. Alright I know what you are thinking..."don't you do that every day?" Yes, you are probably right. If you know me than you know I am one of the most real and transparent pastors you will ever meet. I don't say that proudly, I just have seen my share of "fake" ones and refuse to be like. I believe whatever means you win the friendship of someone, it is by those means you must maintain that friendship. If I get a friend from being fake...they will someday see the real me and might see me as a fake. Being real is one of the best things a Pastor can do to those they call friends, parishioners, etc.

I recently posted how I made a comment to someone in the Pick n Save parking lot because this old timer called me a "Bastard" in front of my children. I responded to this man light-heartedly with no vulgar language. Someone on facebook sent me a private message saying, "I felt the Lord telling me to tell you....." and then went on to tell me how I should parent. It took everything in my power not to fire off some kind of response. Instead, I kept the "old Bob" at bay and responded nicely.

I will be the first to admit that when a TRUE prophet...and in the words of Darin Hufford, "99.99% of them out there that claim to be one are not" speaks to me...I will listen. Many times though a pastor becomes an easy target for people telling them how to do something and will label it "God has given me a message for you." Whenever a pastor gets someone making a statement like that....brace yourself...USUALLY it is not going to make you very happy. Instead of the person just coming out and saying, "hey I got an issue with what you did" they slap the God label on it. They must think you will not respond because "God told them" to say this. This is where my transparency comes in....NOT ME. A word should be to edify and build up...not tell you how to parent when you are already a Godly parent. ended up in a "un-friending" on facebook. Will this person still like me? I would hope so. What happens if they don't like me anymore? That's the way it goes I guess.

My kids will know that I am a husband first, a father second and a pastor third. If ANYONE is going to blast my parenting skills or calls me a vulgar name in front of my kids, guess what? My kids will see a dad with backbone and not someone that is going to roll over and take it. I have no desire for James to be a push-over when he gets older and I will model to him, how not to be one. I expect Emma to be more lady like and to find a man when she gets older that will support her and build her be strong.

Does this make me any less of a pastor, Christian, or dad? I don't think so...I believe it models to my kids what a dad should be. Okay papa bear has roared enough........

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  1. "I felt the Lord telling me to tell you....." Almost a sure thing that it wasn't God. Instead of makingt me listen up more carefully, this phrase makes me get defensive. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.