Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 2: Sometimes You Gotta Ditch It

Sometimes you have to walk away from what you are doing. This was one of those days in the life of a pastor where that needed to happen. It began on Tuesday with a computer meltdown on a one year old HP. I know what you are thinking, GET A MAC! Well, I am a PC and really do like them overall. What would cause this quad core computer with a 24" LED screen to crash? Who knows. I am thankful for the fact that I am a tech geek and finally got it fixed.

As I was fixing it though I realized that I still have to edit the video announcements. I think it gets to boring when someone reads the announcements at a church so we use video announcements...a commercial break if you will. As I was realizing I still had to do these I was also thinking about my family being locked up in the house all day and a little outing would be just the right thing.

Fast forward a couple of hours I got Windows 7 installing AGAIN and there was nothing else I could do except say..."SEE YA." So my wife and I loaded up the family and went out for dinner and do some shopping. A few hours and dollars later we came home and were glad we got out.

I have learned to NEVER put your ministry before your family. If it means there might not be video announcements this week or you have to cancel something...SO BE IT. If you are a pastor, your best partner in ministry is your family....DON'T MESS IT UP!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 1: My Birthday

Even though the picture shows a one hundred year old, I am in fact only 36 years old today. I have been in "full-time ministry" or as I call it "full-time vocational ministry" for 13+ years. I prefer to call it "full-time vocational ministry" because we are all ministers that are followers of Christ. It just so happens that I decided to make it my full time choice being a pastor.

I enjoy blogging and being very open regarding my journey as a pastor. After being asked by a few of my European friends (from "That's not my God")to do this, I thought it will take a commitment on my part to stick to this but will do it none-the-less. This blog will go until April 29, 2011. I being a pastor will share my daily experiences of what I think about, deal with, and see being a pastor. Perhaps it will be one of the most funny, transparent, heart-breaking, inspiring writings you will see from a first-generation pastor. In other words...I will be real.

My desire is to help "pastors to be" decide if this is the life they want for themselves. It is also my desire to help you learn how to support your pastor wherever you may attend church. Lastly, I hope to be an inspiration to pastors thinking about quiting the ministry.

Are you ready for true honesty from a guy that seems to speak what is on his mind? Let the one year journey begin!

Find out more about me by finding me on facebook or visit a new online ministry I began entiteld, If you would like to find out more about the church I am pastor of, please visit

So get ready for the most random yet real blog you may have ever read. Feel free to comment and ask questions....not much these days offend me. I will share in days and weeks to come as I commit to blogging every day for the next year.

Reality tv? How about reality blogging?