Thursday, February 4, 2021

Day 32 of 365: My Biggest Cheerleader


It’s no mystery that I have been through quite a bit as a pastor. Most of the garbage I went through took place between 2002-2005. This was the time frame in which the board in Milwaukee at the church I served on essentially took a dump on me. Fast forward to the spring/summer of 2005 and it all happened again with the pastor I served under here in Waupaca. 

Through all of this that I went through my mom used a phrase that really summed up a lot of scenarios. Whenever something happened or if she heard something going on she would say “oh…those dummies”. It’s safe to say my mom was my biggest cheerleader. This really how it ought to be by the way. A mother's love runs deep. 

When you are pastoring a church it is always helpful to have a cheerleader in your corner. Pastors especially in smaller churches go through a lot of garbage. Knowing that my mom was always there to hear me out was vitally important. Sure my dad was there but his replies were typical for a father. Short, one or two word answers. 

Let me encourage you pastors of smaller churches to find someone that is there in your corner through thick and thin. The key thing about my mom is that she was also well aware of my shortcomings. Having her as a friend in my corner, I could be vulnerable in the strengths and weaknesses. A pastor simply cannot go wrong with someone like that in your corner. Perhaps that is why I miss her so much…she was my mom but also my biggest cheerleader in ministry. 

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