Friday, January 29, 2021

Day 27 of 365: You Need Help!

An interesting thing happened today as I am recovering from sinus surgery. At this point in my life, I am afraid to go to the doctor. It very well could end up with me being referred out to a specialist only to have another surgery. Within the span of one year I have had 6 surgeries. Simply crazy if you ask me. 

I have made mention of this surgery simply because I am a pastor and not showing up at church on Sunday might cause a few people to talk. So, I kind of have to put it out there. Besides that, I believe in the power of prayer. Sure, I made it through the surgery but I attribute that to great medical staff and prayer. 

So...back to the interesting thing that has happened to me today. I received a message from someone who said “you really think what your going through is difficult? Trying going through......”. Now, I certainly won’t say who this person was but what kind of sickness do you need to have in order to try and one up another person’s illness? You wouldn’t believe the crap a pastor puts up with but this certainly rates near the top. That and a person messaging you on the day of your first surgery saying they are leaving the church...another classy move.

If at any point a person becomes so insecure with themself that they need to try and one up another person’s is time to seek professional help. Honestly, all of the health stuff I have gone not me. What is me is the mountain bike riding, middle of winter kayak riding, hiking, camping fun guy. I can’t wait to get back to all of that once again. 

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