Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Day 25 of 365: Starbucks Is Coming!


People are bored. It’s official. In our little city of Waupaca news broke today that Starbucks is coming to town. For someone like myself that doesn’t necessarily care much for their coffee, I am pretty excited to welcome them to town because their mochas, teas and ice green tea lemonades. I must admit as well that their banana walnut bread is extraordinary. Honestly the taste and texture of that bread is a dead ringer for my mom’s banana bread. Every time I have a slice, I am reminded of hers. 

The reason I say people are bored however is that when I posted the news to my Facebook page today, it turned into more grumbling and complaining. People saying it’s pricey, lousy taste, shop local, etc. Now I realize we have all been pretty well cooped up last year and the start of 2021 but really? We are going to debate over Starbucks? 

I guess what I am getting at is whatever happened to letting people have an opinion? If you agree, make it known. If not…keep on scrolling. I can tell you for someone like myself that moved from Milwaukee to a small city; this news makes me very excited. Yes, I realize it will be stiff competition for the other local coffee shops but honestly…it’s business. Selfishly I will admit it will be nice to have a coffee shop in town that stays open past 5:00 p.m. 

So…spring cannot come soon enough. I have my Starbucks app loaded and ready to go. It would appear 2021 just got a bit more awesome!

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