Sunday, January 10, 2021

Day 10 of 365: Help A Brother Out

Excitement to help other pastors is something I am experiencing these days. Being the pastor of a smaller church is not the easiest calling in the world. Even though the average sized church in the United States is less than a hundred people, it means there is more work to do. There are certain increments in church sizes where more staff can be brought on which lightens the work load for everyone. That of course is dependent on the giving to go with it.

In a smaller church the pastor or pastor and wife take on a lot of roles. In my case my wife helps with the women’s ministry and does the kids church. Our kids program currently is on hold due to COVID. My responsibilities include everything from pastoral to custodial to janitorial...oh yeah secretarial as well. Did I miss any “ials”?

Along this journey though, admittedly I have learned a lot to make a small church experience a good one. This includes making quality graphics, technology and more. One also learns to do ministry on a shoestring budget. These are all things that after being the lead pastor of a church like this for 15+ years, I am now at a point where I am ready to help other pastors that might be starting off. With that said, I have been approved to start a coaching program called “Forged”. 

I look forward to meeting with other pastors across our state within the Assemblies of God. It is a monthly meeting via Zoom where a group of 10+ pastors will be conversing, sharing ideas, resources and more. It is exciting for me to see how many pastors have signed up for this free program that I pray will benefit them. 

Something I always enjoy doing is passing along knowledge I have to others that might be starting off on the same journey. Sometimes it is passing along knowledge to someone who has been on the journey for awhile and simply needs a fresh perspective. I appreciate that when someone teaches me a new skill. Quite a few years ago my friend Ben taught me how to do brakes on my own car. Since then I have not paid a mechanic to do it because I learned how. I think this is something that God has intended for us to do. In fact it seems a bit scriptural doesn’t it?

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