Thursday, January 7, 2021

COVID Chronicles Quarantine Day 9 of 10


Here it is…day 9 of 10 and I am happy to say my dad is officially out of quarantine. He even ran a few errands today which is good for him. I don’t like when he goes through things like this given he lives on his own now. That is why I would call him 2-3 times a day…just to break up the isolation. Now that he can get out and about I will go back to just one phone call a day. 

Overall the family is doing well. A lingering effect for Tracy is fatigue beyond what she normally has after a day at work. There have been a couple of moments where she could barely smell chocolate. What better way to test your senses than with a healthy dosage of M&M’s ha ha. 

The kids are doing pretty well through it all. Nothing major going on. One good outcome from the kids having this is that they will be immune once they can get out of quarantine. What that means for James and Noah is a return to in person school. This will be the first time this school year that they will actually be in a class. Noah is especially thrilled, he genuinely loves his teacher Ms. Fletcher. 

Emma has decided not to go back to in person school which is fine with us since she is doing well with virtual. She switched schools at the beginning of this school year and so it is especially fine with her that she stays put. Being in a new school building would bring with it plenty of challenges. She doesn’t deal well with a lot of stress at one time.

Thanks again everyone for reading my ongoing ramblings from a bored parent. After tomorrow I will end this series. 

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