Sunday, January 3, 2021

COVID Chronicles Quarantine Day 5 of 10


Life here in the Adams’ ronasphere has had it’s ups and downs here on the fifth day of quarantine. It was good to hear a positive report from my dad making steps in the right direction. He is sounding much better than he was a couple of days ago. 

A big takeaway for me on this whole thing is that if you have a parent going through this and if they do not live with you then be sure to check in with them. I have been calling my dad 2-3 times a day. He told me it is nice because it breaks up the day otherwise he is sitting by himself. What also keeps them healthy is if you live close to them to bring a meal once in awhile. Couples/families have the luxury of taking turns making meals. A person by themself has to do it all on their own whether they feel well or not. One can get creative in regards to dropping a meal off. If there is one thing fortunate about us both having COVID; it is that I can just drop off the meal in his apartment. 

Unfortunately where there are ups there will be downs. Today, Noah was hit hard with the crud. We don’t know if it is COVID but we are pretty sure it is. He has not gone anywhere other than home and playing outside. Emma is also under the weather but we are thankful for Tylenol to keep fevers down. 

We are looking forward to this being done. I can deal with myself having COVID but when my family members get it especially little Noah, I become a bit stressed. We still have a long road ahead of us but I am encouraged to know things could have been much worse. Plus, as of today we have the game Operation to play thanks to my friend Kerry Kelley. I know what she was pointing at by giving it to me given the year I had but hey....we will play lol. 

If the kids do have COVID then quarantine for them will have begun today. If they don't have it then they will be in quarantine for 14 days past the day Tracy and I are done. That could sound odd to some but my wife did the research. It is best this way. If you have not had this then trust really don't want it. Stick to the guidelines. 

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